Testimonials | Lisa Carmody
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What my clients say

“Lisa is an amazing yoga teacher, with a heartfelt feel to her classes, as well as cool music from all over the world for perfect mix of dynamic and warm, chilled vibes.
The way she describes the moves and how to activate the right parts of your body is so effective and helps you get the most out of the practice, learn about the poses and your own body, developing more each time.
For me personally Lisa provided something more than yoga, or at least showed me how much more it can provide. After losing a baby at 24 weeks into the pregnancy in 2017 she helped me re-connect with my body and start on the journey to trust and admire it once more, as well as giving me the tools to feel some headspace and quiet emotionally too. When I became pregnant again and had a very nerve wracking pregnancy her classes and some one on one work encouraged me to feel some empowerment in my pregnancy and faith in the strength my body had and the journey it was on. Now my baby is three months old she is helping me regain core strength and tone as well as providing a space of reflection, positivity and connection during the week, amongst the craziness!”


“Lisa is a very natural teacher and creates a friendly, welcoming and non-competitive atmosphere in her classes. It’s a chance to completely unwind and I always leave feeling calmer and re-energised”


“Lisa is an amazing yoga teacher. She really wants to share her knowledge and to give the best to her students. She is spiritually aware and wants other people to be too. The difference I found with her lessons from other teachers is that she is able to teach yoga without putting stress onto anyone, making each student comfortable with what they are able to do physically. She is very gentle in the way she teaches.  I had problems with a muscle in my right leg from over straining my muscles by excessive cycling. I wasn’t even able to walk without getting cramps for a very long time. I had to do something about it but didn’t know what. I went to Lisa’s lessons and within 5 weeks it was all gone, I would highly recommend Lisa’s lessons to anyone. I used to not be able to endure yoga lessons but Lisa had such a whole approach to it so she could even teach me, and I really loved it!”


“Being able to do Lisa’s Saturday morning classes regularly through the challenges of lockdown has been the perfect excuse for a bit of respite. They have always struck exactly the right balance for me, the calm positive tone that she sets, and I always come away both better physically and feeling more able to cope with life’s challenges”.