About | Lisa Carmody
I have been practicing yoga for many years and have a love for the way it can change how you feel and how that can affect life away from the yoga mat.
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About Lisa

I have been practising yoga for many years and have a love for the way it can change how you feel and how that can affect life away from the yoga mat. Yoga’s richness and depth means I am always a student, learning and allowing yoga to be in me, around me and of me.


I completed Triyoga’s two-year yoga teacher training diploma in 2018, which is fully recognised and accredited by the British Wheel of Yoga, Yoga Alliance Professionals (Yoga Alliance UK) and the Yoga Alliance USA. The training involved in-depth study of asana, philosophy and anatomy and physiology.

In 2021 I completed a Kundalini Teacher training programme with Integrated Kundalini. Kundalini uses posture, breath, mantra and meditation to access the heart and soul. Classes can vary in dynamism, but work with the intention of accessing one’s true capacity for love and acceptance.

In all yoga that I teach, I stay true to an embodied practice that brings a mindful awareness to the body and breath. Creating strength and releasing tension whilst remaining playful.


Working as a mental health nurse in London and Dorset for around 20 years has given me a wealth of experience and a greater understanding of people and the mental health continuum. I believe we all have varying degrees of mental wellness throughout our life, and have found yoga and breathing exercises to be a saviour when it comes to maintaining my own mental health.


I have always loved to move and be active, and before I came to teaching yoga I had been practising for around 15 years, I loved how my mood (most of the time!) was lifted after a class and how it affected my posture, and as a consequence affected my confidence. Taking the two-year diploma allowed me to integrate my yoga practice into daily life and really understand that yoga is much more than a set of physical movements, providing me with stillness and grounding alongside an endless well of support for my body and mind.